7 Benefits of Using Twitter for Your Small Business

benefits of twitter for small businessesTwitter is one of the most popular social media platforms around today and more then likely your customers are using it. The service, once famous for limiting messages – or “tweets” – to 140 characters, has grown into a powerful marketing tool for small businesses. Adding Twitter to your marketing efforts doesn’t eliminate the need for a small business website. In fact, Twitter can be a great addition to your existing marketing, promotion, and communications efforts.

Signs of New Clients and Deals

If you’re looking to find deals from suppliers that have extra inventory, look for clients who post an unusual amount of ads for certain merchandise via Twitter. This is usually a sign that you can find a deal on this surplus merchandise. Twitter can also help establish an interactive relationship with existing clients. Many of these clients offer special deals via Twitter that you may not otherwise know about right away.

Monitor Customer Satisfaction

Social media can be a double-edged sword when it comes to feedback. Customers can tweet both positive and negative feedback fairly quickly. This gives you a chance to quickly gauge the success of a particular product or service. If you notice a significant amount of negative tweets, it might be time to reassess your marketing efforts or at least do some damage control.

Enhance Your Website with Your Twitter Feed

Embracing social media doesn’t mean that you have to abandon your other online efforts. Simply adding your live Twitter feed to your website is a great way to engage customers and put update information out there in real time. Even your loyal customers will get bored on a website without a steady influx of fresh content.

Contacting Clients

Twitter allows you to send private messages. This works well when trying to send quick messages to clients with regards to business strategies and other information that needs to be shared.

Engaging Customers

Social media, in general, is a great way to engage customers. When websites were all the rage about a decade or so ago, the main benefit to customers was receiving word about special deals and incentives prior to customers waiting for the print ads. Today, Twitter is an excellent way to rapidly spread the word about special deals and other promotions. These tweets can then be shared and re-posted – or “re-tweeted” – among your followers.

Managing Publicity

Twitter is an excellent way to either generate publicity or respond to a publicity crisis quickly. Twitter really shines when you are in full crisis mode. Even a delay of a day is an eternity in today’s fast-paced world. The faster you can respond to anything negative involving your small business, the better. Even without the resources a big business has, Twitter can be an effective PR tool.

Keeping Tabs on Competitors

Small businesses don’t usually have the resources to conduct extensive market research and analyze what the competition is doing. An easy way to achieve this same goal is to see how your competitors are using Twitter. Take a look at what they are posting and what offers or deals they are putting out there. This gives you an idea of where to focus your marketing efforts.

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