Google+ For Small Businesses

Google+ For Small Businesses
Small Businesses using google+ to inrease SEO Bell Media

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With all the different social media networks out there what makes Google+ different and how does it benefit small businesses.
Unlike other social media networks Google + is the best social network to improve your SEO, of coarse this makes sense. Google has engineered their network to be the best and help your small business website get higher results.

The main reason is Google will index your content very quickly, basically if you share new content on Google+ it will be index almost immediately.
There are also rumors that new URLS are crawled instantly due to that fact that on of the main purposes of Google+ was to replace twitter with its real time search.

So instead of filling out web forms and waiting several weeks for your website to be index, you simply need to press a +1 button.

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Furthermore there is still time to jump on board ahead for your competitors. With the exposition of social media and Google been a trend setting company there is still only 1 in 4 people using Google+ once a month.

This means if your a small business and want to get your website indexed fast and boost your SEO create a Google+ account and start using it to promote your business on the web.

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