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Bell Media Website Video Presenter


Bell Media website video presenter produced for Insolvency Choice

Bell Media website video presenter produced for Insolvency Choice

Bell Media was contacted by Total Design Solution to produce a BellHD website video presenter website video presenter for their clients websites because Total Design knew that website videos improve SEO. Their clients name was Insolvency Choice and their goal was to have a professional presentation greeting each one of their small business website visitors.

Being professional is very important and choosing the right presenter makes all the difference. Their first choice of website video spokesperson was Gerry, and with him dressed in a suit was exactly what they were looking for.

Video Transcription

“One of life’s most stressful experiences is facing unmanageable or runaway debt Insolvency Choice removes that stress. People or businesses can face bankruptcy or insolvency issues and at these times it is vital to seek help from experienced professionals. It’s important to know your options. Insolvency Choice can help. It’s hard to bring in someone to work out your financial affairs but the skilled team at Insolvency Choice work with you, to solve the issues of insolvency or mounting debt. If the business can be restored, Insolvency Choice will make it happen. Insolvency Choice can give you, your business or your company a brighter future. Call us today on 1800 467 658 for an instant response.  It’s the start of a fresh, new beginning.”

Richard Patriquin

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