WordPress for Small Business Website Design


WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows users to login and change most of the content on the website. This is very convent for website owners that have little or no web design knowledge.

WordPress is an open source software that has been built by hundreds of developers and have changed and evolved over the years. WordPress started out as a blogging software that allowed designers to create blog quickly, but since then has evolved and can know do anything you can image by utilizing thousands of plugins and themes.


Plugins are pre-developed functions designed specifically of WordPress that allows the website owners to add power abilities to their website. Some examples of these functions are, contact forms, SEO packs, security, Google Analytics, landing pages and much much more. If you can think of a website function I am sure there is a WordPress plugin.


Themes are designed websites that are installed into WordPress. Once installed the website owners is able to custom the color, layout and content through that administrative panel. Unless you have advanced website design skills you cannot customize these themes beyond what they allow.

Bell Media’s Small Business Websites

Bell Media utilizes WordPress in their design of small business websites. The powerful content management system allows business owners to update the content and products on their website quickly and easily. Bell Media customizes each and every website to the business and the business owners requirements as well as designs a matching Facebook timeline to help increase traffic through social media.

Another reason Bell Media utilize WordPress is the relationship it shares with Google and the plugins designed for faster Google indexing.

If you have any questions please contact Bell Media.

Richard Patriquin

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