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Facebook Business Pages

Custom business facebook pages:

Features and benefits:
  • Custom profile image designed so that it can also fit nicely as logo for wall posts.
  • Custom professionally designed welcome page styled in your company colours.
  • 25 startup likes to get your custom business facebook link.
  • Our pages are compatible with BellHD transparent Video presenters.
  • Our pages are compatible with BellME click to call button.
  • Uses standard HTML just like a normal web site so we can support anything.
  • A personal profile is NOT a business page. Facebook can delete your account if they find out. See Facebook Terms.

Branding and Free Advertising on Facebook

With its over 600 million members worldwide, Facebook is a great way to generate brand awareness. Free advertising occurs when your fans will "like" your page and recommend them to their friends.

Customer / Client Interaction using Facebook Pages

Facebook is a good medium to interact with your customers. You can communicate promotions, events and contests. You can ask for ideas from them on how you can improve your products or services.

Facebook Social Networking

Facebook was indeed created to build networks of people. You can search for people or businesses in the Facebook platform who are involved in your industry and become a fan of a page or profile. By being connected to them you increase your visibility to your target customers.

Drive web traffic and Lead generation

Facebook will serve as a gateway that will lead to your website. With the recent updates in the Facebook system, websites can now be linked to Facebook profiles and pages.

Facebook can be used as a potential lead generation tool. You can review your fans profile and find future prospects to aid in lead qualifying process.