Animated Explainer Video

Animated Explainer Video

As businesses attempt to hone their marketing message to get the right product message to the right people, it’s somewhat like attempting to hit a moving target causing your aim to be continuously modified. Towards that end, companies are increasingly looking to the incorporation of dynamic online content as a way of expanding their online marketing presence. That said, there is only so much a website can hope to accomplish in the brief time most consumers spend on most websites. Therefore, in order to step out from the crowd and grab the attention of their niche markets, firms are more and more looking at including animated explainer video to help turbo charge their marketing message.

The primary challenge associated with using your website to snare consumer attention is the crowded field in which you are forced to contend. As it turns out, everyone has heard of the internet and everyone is equally eager to wring their fair share of the marketing pie from it. Consumers know this and they also know that the slightest problem with a website will have them clicking on to the competition before your page has even had an opportunity to finish loading.

Grab Their Attention and Keep it…

In order to reignite excitement in their websites, entrepreneurs are looking for ways to liven up the presentation of their goods and services. In an effort to jazz up interest in their wares; businesses are loading up their online presence with compelling pictures and engaging text. The problem however, is that compelling pictures take forever to load, and even had the text been penned by the great William Shakespeare himself, very few people will stay on your site long enough to ever read it because that is the nature of internet readership…fleeting.

To keep them glued to the end of your marketing message requires some finesse and panache, and that is where animated explainer videos come into play. Animated explainer videos are an excellent vehicle for getting your message out in an entertaining and engaging way.

While very few people might be willing to sit through your online treatise about the danger of root rot in trees, an animated video can explain the problem and provide your solution in a fraction of the time. More to the point, whereas you almost never see someone sharing an excellent article about root rot on the internet, people will share an animated video about root rot if it is entertaining.

The reasons for this are obvious. You will open up a promising looking animated video that has been sent by a friend, but might be hesitant to open a document from someone who you know is prone to sending random articles about root rot.

Animated Explainer Videos are a Winner by the Numbers…

Marketing research suggests that animated explainer videos are an excellent way to reach out to the mobile consumer and they have figures to back up those claims. For instance, animated explainer videos are 400% more effective than traditional videos in getting out your marketing message, and a whopping 800% more effective than just text alone. Additionally, online video accounts for half of all mobile traffic, and the total number of users are slated to double to 1.5 billion users by 2017. As such, it’s easy to understand why marketers worldwide are calling animated explainer videos the best ROI you can hope for.

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