Astute Wheel Whiteboard Video

Astute Wheel Whiteboard Video

Explainer Video

Bell Media produced a video for Astute Wealth’s training programme, known as Astute Wheel. This workshop allows attendees to learn more about the importance of sales conversations and outreach to current and potential customers. Astute Wealth hired Bell Media to create the video to provide visitors to their website with a content-rich experience, and an easy way to learn about their programme.

Animated Web Video

The video uses the same concept as many other Bell Media videos, known as video scribing. Along with the hand and pencils, there are animated characters that work alongside the voiceover which makes regular references to Ferraris. The idea behind this is that Astute Wheel is the Ferrari of learning and outreach, and older systems are tired but familiar.

Here, the video makes clear that whilst it may be easier to use old methods of customer outreach, your business simply won’t remain ‘in the race’ without being updated. The video also makes reference to an IBM study which explains how 70% of organisational changes fail, and that Astute Wheel is a p art of the 30% of those that succeed.

By making reference to the Ferrari analogy, the video makes it clear through the use of imagery that Astute Wheel can improve efficiency in outreach in all kinds of industries.

Astute Wheel Whiteboard Video

As always, video scribing is prominent in this video. Bell Media provides viewers with a simple way to learn more in a lesser period of time. The use of a hand, whiteboard and voice over means that concepts like discovery learning are explained in greater detail. Viewers can learn how new habits can be formed with the Astute Wheel training course, and new technology can soon become an essential part of a company’s outreach.

Time and time again, Bell Media has proven that video scribing is one of the most effective ways to communicate to readers, and Astute Wealth has found that this is certainly true. The company explains that they chose Bell Media because they knew they could obtain high quality videos on time, on budget and with innovate ideas. The animated video has allowed the Astute Wheel course to become popular with business owners who wish to demonstrate the value of their advice to customers. They have expressed their satisfaction not only with the production quality of the video, but also with the timeliness and positive effect it has had on their online marketing.

About Astute Wheel

Astute Wheel offers seminars that allow business owners to improve their communication with customers, readers or potential new customers. Their aim is to be the ‘Ferrari’ of business communication, allowing customers to ditch their old and unreliable vehicles and move forward to stay in the business race.

Through online marketing, and the use of Bell Media video production, Astute Wealth has been able to communicate their Astute Wheel message to more people than ever. The video combines text, imagery and a voice over to explain in detail how this seminar can improve the outreach for business owners, and give people the chance to learn about concepts include estate planning and strategic solutions.

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