Benefits of Using a Whiteboard Animation

Benefits of Using a Whiteboard Animation
Whiteboard Animation by Bell Medua

Did you know that you have 54 seconds to make a first imprecation. Thats the amount of time you have to pitch your product or service to your online visitor. We all know that the best way of getting your message across is through video, but do you know which kind of video is the most effective? Whiteboard Animation.

Whiteboard Animation also know as Video Scribing is so amazingly effective its scary. In fact, a resent study showed that white board animations were proven to be 800% more engaging than written words on the screen and 4 times more effective than a person talking on a screen. Its just something about a person drawing on screen that makes it hard for you to stop watching.

Video Scribing grabs peoples attention by using special patter interruption technique, unique images, music and fast movements to keep any audience engaged. They can not help but watch your video.

Bell Media’s team of highly experienced scriptwriters, animators and voice over artists are here to help. We follow a step by step process to ensure you have the best video possible of your business.

So give us a call a lets talk about how we can create a custom animated explainer video for your business today.

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