Click to Call Website Technology

Click to Call Website Technology

click to call, free call, bellme, bellmediaWhat Exactly is Click-to-Call Technology?

Click-to-call is a type of Internet communication where the individual clicks on a specified object and requests a connection with another individual through a text message, phone call or VoIP. Even though these requests are most often made through the Internet, they can also be initiated through a hyperlink that the individual has placed inside of their small business website, blog, email, video, wiki, flash animation or any other type of Internet object used for interfacing with another individual.

Benefits Associated with Click-to-Call

In today’s environment, more and more retailers are using more than just their simple retail outlet to draw customers in to their services and products they offer. Since consumers prefer to spend a great deal of their time online and visiting the business website from the comfort of their home, it is imperative that retailers incorporate new methods to capture sales.

Using click-to-call technology helps businesses with their own website draw the consumer into their storefront and connects with them on a business level. Not only does click-to-call technology help business owners connect their customers to their call center, but it also enables them with the means to provide an advanced solution to use real-time analytics. You will be able to provide consumers with pertinent information and a personalized degree of service that is unsurpassed.

To help determine the benefit, cost and risks associated with your invest in click-to-call technology throughout your retail establishment, your business will need to look at the impact the technology has on its sales and resources. As a business owner, it is important that you have technology in place to help offer your consumers with a means of contacting your business on a regular basis. Through click-to-call technology, there are numerous options for consumers to reach out and connect with an individual at your organization.

When most organizations were asked as to how much of an impact the click-to-call technology had on their overall sales, it was almost a 150 percent increase from implementing this one simple technology into their business model. Over a three-year period, estimates show that sales were up by more than two million dollars just because click-to-call technology was introduced into the equation. In less than a year, business owners experienced a degree of payback that was unsurpassed.

Those who use click-to-call technology in their business found the number of individuals who converted their inquiry into a a sale was substantially higher than when they did not have the technology in place. Consumers are better informed and asked a broader range of questions than those individuals ask who called into a toll-free number. Upon implementing click-to-call into your business, your total operating costs will decrease. Consumers asked more in-depth questions and non-traditional calls declined.

If you are searching for a way to save money and gain new customers from your small business website, you need to experience everything call-to-click technology has for your business. Not only is it a free call for consumers, but it is also a great way for you to broaden your consumer base. Let your small business website garner a new line of consumers with click-to-call technology. To find out more information, take a moment and check out click-to-call for yourself.

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