Educate Patients Using Animated Video

Educate Patients Using Animated Video

Patient Satisfactions Scores

In the health care industry today Patient Satisfaction Scores are the base line for performance in each and every department.  Patient Education and the level of each patient’s Health Literacy impacts this score in one-way or another.

In a fast-pasted high tech world you can now engage with your patients faster and more effectively than ever.

  • Only 22% of patients discharged from ED understand their diagnosis
  • 60% of surgery patients do not fully understand the procedure they are having.
  • The average consult time with a patient is just 10 mins.

Learn more about how animated videos can engage patients of any age, with any level of health literacy can become a central tool in improving your department’s   Patient Satisfaction Scores.

Our animated videos can be used to effectively educate your patient on procedures, IT systems, medication, and any outpatient instructions for ongoing care.

Benefits of Educating and Communicating with patients

  • On-going health education, both before and after discharge, can reduce readmission rates by 42%
  • Where is the patient looking for information?
  • 81% of US adults use the internet for HEALTH related searching, of which 59% have searched in the last 12 months
  • Younger adults and minorities lead the way with mobile health searches
  • 8 out of 10 online health inquiries start at a search engine
  • 66% of Internet users look online for information about a specific disease or medical problem
  • 56% of Internet users look for information about a certain medical treatment of procedure
  • 44% of Internet users look for information about doctors or other health professionals
  • 36% of Internet users look for information about hospitals or other medical facilities.

So, What’s the answer?

  • Animated video is 800% more effective than text alone.
  • 90% of patients say that seeing a video about a procedure is helpful
  • Every day, 75 million U.S Internet users watch videos online
  • Animated videos are more reliable in communicating a message than written text.
  • Videos can be rolled out to a mass audience through the Internet. Make it quicker and more readily available then human engagement.

Its simple, animated videos work.

Richard Patriquin

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