Get Higher Search Rankings

Get Higher Search Rankings

Web VidoeDid you know that a quality web video hosted or embedded on your site makes the page 50 times more likely to be shown on the first page of Google’s search results. Its not only a better way of converting website visitors but it is a powerful SEO tool that can attract organic web traffic.

With Google purchasing YouTube its fair to assume that Google ranks videos uploaded to YouTube higher than videos that are not. This algorithm is designed to rate web videos even higher than high-quality keyword-rich articles.

Here’s How

If you want your web video to boost the ranking of your website page, than you must properly optimise the video. First, make sure your video have relevant, quality metadata titles and descriptions. Relevant keywords should be used within the video’s title because Google will tend to show a mixture of website pages, images, news items, local results and videos in the search results. Out of these results videos are usually the most clicked on and will drive the most traffic to your small business website.

Sharing is Caring

The best way to increase your video’s exposure is through sharing and these days there are many ways in which you can share a video. There are social networking sites, blogs and email.

YouTube provides embeddable links that are easy to insert into your small business website or blog. This will add great content and help boost your websites raking. They also provide features that help encourage sharing, making it easier for your visitors to share your content.

Content Is Still King

To maximise the SEO results, make sure that you include content around the video such as a high-quality, well-written, keyword-rich article about the video. Also make sure that the web page URL with the video on it is optimised with relative keywords.

So if you have videos that you haven’t done anything with, make sure you upload them and embed them into your website and start getting some SEO results.

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