Google+: Important Tricks of the Trade

Google+: Important Tricks of the Trade

Author Ranl Google+By now, you likely have learned that Google+ is the new important place to be for content marketing efforts. With its Author Rank program, Google has boldly put the sword to content mills and mediocrity in Internet marketing and content producing. If you’re a truly creative individual who writes well, produces meaningful content works which can be beneficial social objects in and of themselves, and markets quality products or a service then Author Rank is your friend. Your close friend. And Google has specifically designed Google+ so that you can take advantage of the Author Rank era to the fullest possible extent.

Since Google+ is Google’s own way of getting online content producers into high places in the Author Rank scheme of things, it’s a good idea for you to know the basic, elemental strategies for using it effectively — in addition to producing high quality content with its own takeaway value, that is.

Without further ado…

Write a good profile. Just as you do with any serious social media site where you want to reach out and touch others in the Web, you will create a profile section for your Google+ page. Don’t take what you put here lightly. Put serious thought into it. Don’t be flippant, either. Fill in the sections with as much care and personable professionalism as you would (or did) at your LinkedIn profile page, your personal blog, and your own website.

Join various and sundry Communities. On Google+, Communities are like Yahoo Groups or Delphi Forums. They are distinct from Circles. They are places where people of like minds and shared particular interests get together and share thoughts and commentary and content. Join whatever Communities speak to your interests, personally and professionally. As you become better known at Google+ you will begin receiving Invitations to join Communities. You can check one out in advance before choosing to Join. Only Join those that truly interest you and where you are certain that you will be able to post relevant and well-received content of your own and comments of your own.

Eventually, you may create a Community of your own. There’s no better way of reaching out and building a large audience on Google+ than by being in Communities, because they bring together target readership and targeted markets for you in a social setting.

Constantly Share Content. As important as being sociable and making commentary on life, the universe, everything, and others’ content is, you’re on Google+ ultimately to share your content. Share content that you create (most important thing of all). Also, share content that you didn’t create but which you believe in or love and that flows with your professionally. Share your content no matter if it’s writing, videos, visual images, or podcasts. When you share with a Community or with targeted Circles on your Google+ homepage, add an introduction to elaborate your thoughts. You can also say why you have chosen to share it with a particular Community.

Important —  a word of caution here. Don’t turn Google+ into your website or your blog. If you do that, then they own you. Share original content on Google+ that you have already posted “at your place”.

Forge relationships. Google+ is, as of now, the ultimate networking place for savvy social media marketing professionals on the Internet. Great and successful money-making sales professionals have known about the power of networking for a long, long time. They’ve long since known that people hate to be sold but love to buy. The Internet didn’t invent networking. It just made it faster, vaster, and super-inexpensive.

Networking is all about making relationships. In both your Circles and your Communities, talk to people. Be honest but also respectful. (Doing both at the same time sometimes causes internal conflicts of interest, doesn’t it?)  Comment on their shared content. Make them want to visit your page and/or your Community. Make want to come to you.

Don’t be shy about branching out. Start with people you know or whom you have come to know, but from there start talking to people (probably through content commentaries) who you don’t know.

There you have it.

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