How To Increase Your Click Through Rate by 436%

How To Increase Your Click Through Rate by 436%

email_video_conversions_featuredImagine if that you could increase your click through rate by more than 4 times. It would mean more customers visiting your website and more customers buying your products or services. All you have to do is change one small thing in your email newsletter or campaign.

Well, that’s exactly what we did and here is the results to prove it.

At Bell Media, we have tried every advertising method out there nothing is as effective as email. Email has always been the most effective way for us to communicate with customers and generate sales.

As effective as this marketing method has been, we have recently started using a technique which massivley increases our click through rate. Its very simple… add a video.

Yes that is it.

By adding videos to your emails and landing pages you give the reader a call to action and whats better that playing a video. People love clicking a play button.

Don’t take our word for it.

Below is the actual screen shot from mail chimp (Our email program) that shows you the results. We used the same email list and emailed 2 different emails one week apart. The only difference is we added a play button to the second email. This sent our click through rate through the roof.


To Finish Up…

So if you’re like us and use email to communicate with your clients then this little technique will help increase your click through rate. By now I hope you can see the benefit of adding video to your emails as well as your homepage, product page or any other page that has a call to action because video provides your business with a long-term, informative approach to communicating with your clients.

For more information on videos or to get one for your business please contact us we would love to help.

Richard Patriquin

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