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Recruitment Website Design

Kapow RecruitmentCase Study: Recruitment Website

Kylie Wall and Philip Grueff launched their company, KAPOW! Recruitment, as a means of providing frustrated small business owners with the ability to take advantage of a professional recruitment and human resources agency that they would otherwise not have access to. Since its inception in 2012, the company has been met with financial success due to its dedication to providing the best services a recruitment agency can offer.

Client’s Objective

While reviews of their services were stunning, their lackluster website left something to be desired. It was dated and sparse, two very detrimental words to describe a company based around high energy recruiting. They needed something that could spice up their page and not only make it look more professional, but more visually engaging as well.

The Solution

KAPOW! Recruitment decided that Bell Media was the way to go for solving their online woes. By including eye-popping images and separating the crucial information of the website into separate pages, Bell Media succeeded in turning a drab site that was probably designed as an afterthought into something people would actually be interested in visiting.

Bell Media even took the extra step in providing a video presenter introduction for the site that properly emphasized the use of “Kapow!” in the company’s name. Not only is this preferable to reading line after line of text, it also helps to create the illusion that the company has been around longer than it has and is a professional mainstay in the recruitment field. Bell Media was able to craft an entirely new image for KAPOW! Recruitment based solely on their work with the website.


KAPOW!┬áRecruitment is slowly growing in prestige as of this writing. A visit to their website shows that not only have they acquired multiple affiliates, but that they are also spreading into Facebook to further network their business. It’s no doubt that at least a part of their new-found success comes from their enticing small business website and the strong Internet presence that it provides.

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