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Why All Business Websites Should Use Click to Call

Bell Media Click to call

When you’re developing your online business website a frequent dilemma is whether to use a 1300 telephone number or Bell Media Click to Call. You will discover stark differences between both alternatives. Deciding between the two often comes down to

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Click to Call Website Technology

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What Exactly is Click-to-Call Technology? Click-to-call is a type of Internet communication where the individual clicks on a specified object and requests a connection with another individual through a text message, phone call or VoIP. Even though these requests are

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Customized Click to Call Solution

Click to call customized solution

Melbourne IT is Australia’s leading provider of web services. Here is what they had to say “We piloted the BellMe service on Melbourne IT and found it a very cost effective way of driving qualified calls to our call centre.

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Easy to Use Communication

Ford Motor Group Australia contacted Bell Media to utilize their click-to-call solution BellME. Ford saw a need to make the communication link between them and their customers as simple and as easy as possible. With one click of the mouse

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