A Few Myths About SEO

There are a lot of myths about SEO going around the online world today. There are many SEO techniques that used to work well. Unfortunately, constant Google advancements keep stopping them. However, there are still many SEO companies that use ineffective methods and guarantee clients that they will still work as before. Companies should avoid these strategies as they will hurt their rankings instead of helping them succeed.

1 . Google approves and endorses the SEO company.

If the SEO company claims that Google has endorsed them, they are a fraud. Google doesn’t do this, and they likely never will. However, Google has AdWords and Analytics certifications. They require providers to take tests for accreditation.

2. More links mean better rankings.

The truth is that link quality and relevance are what truly matters. It is not just about the number of links present. This myth started out with the belief that a link served as a vote for the website. More links meant more votes and higher rank. Unfortunately, this is no longer true. Google is highly-advanced. It can easily recognize link building patterns. If this happens, the website will be in danger. It can be banned.

3. A website only needs SEO once.

SEO is a continuous process, but many people hope it is only a one-time deal. This is mainly because of the cost of SEO services. However, a website needs SEO all the time in order to stay at the top. Search engine performance enhancements should always be up and running. Otherwise, it all goes to nothing.

Moreover, Google and other search engines make constant changes to their algorithms. Competitors may be investing in upgrading their sites to keep up with the game. With this, SEO should be done on a regular and ongoing basis.

4. More keywords mean higher rankings.

Stuffing a lot of keywords on every page does not guarantee higher rankings. In the past, people tended to use this strategy even though it messed up their content. If it doesn’t work, they just stuff more keywords. Unfortunately, this is no longer effective. There is no perfect number of keywords that will push every page to the top of the ranks.

The most important way to keep a website on top of the search engine results page is to create content that is informative and valuable. There is also no magic number when it comes to keyword density. The secret to a successful website is to provide text for real people who take time to read and appreciate what they see.

5. Getting higher ranks is the only important outcome.

Many people think that SEO’s only outcome is to get websites up to the top. If a website hits the number one spot but does not generate any income, it is not useful. There may be higher quality sites ranked number two and three that effectively turn traffic into customers. The most important factor is SEO is conversions, not ranking.

SEO is filled with myths and issues. However, not all SEO strategies are bad. There are still a lot that work. This is especially true when they are paired with other techniques such as appealing web design and quality content. The bottom line is that using SEO can make or break an online business. People should know how to use it properly in order to ensure success and stay ahead of the competition. Find out more at Bell Media

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