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Get Higher Search Rankings

Web Vidoe

Did you know that a quality web video hosted or embedded on your site makes the page 50 times more likely to be shown on the first page of Google’s search results. Its not only a better way of converting

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Google’s Effects On Small Business Websites

Google updates panda penguin

If you are reading this article then I can safely assume you know what Google is but do you know how Google works? Google uses a very scientific and very secretive algorithm to determine how relevant your website is to

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5 Critical Technologies for a Small Business

small business tools

Small businesses have a lot of disadvantages versus large competitors, but one area where they can make up the differences or take advantage of tends to be technology. Unlike large corporations which saddle themselves down with bureaucracy and protocols to

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Benefits of Instagram for Small Businesses

instagram for business

Instagram is a social media platform that primarily uses the sharing of photographs for its medium among users. So, aside from being a collective photo album, the resource then raises the question as to how it can be useful for

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Content Marketing For Small Businesses

Small business website content

Content Marketing is a buzz word these days but this style of marketing has been around for ages, TV commercials, radio ads, newspaper print basically content is what you have created to share with the world. Now with the social

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7 Benefits of Using Twitter for Your Small Business

benefits of twitter for small businesses

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms around today and more then likely your customers are using it. The service, once famous for limiting messages – or “tweets” – to 140 characters, has grown into a powerful

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Time For A Small Business Website Redesign?

small business website

Tis the season to be jolly, but it also seems to be the season of website redesign. A lot of small business owners are using the down time during the holiday period to relaunch a brand new website. So does

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Benefits Of An Ecommerce Website

small business ecommerce web desing

What Is An Ecommerce Website? In today’s world, the Internet is flooded with e-commerce websites. An e-commerce website involves being able to carry your business through the Internet using computers, which are all linked together to form a large network.

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Ecommerce Website Design – Card and Vase

Case Study: Card and Vase – Ecommerce Website Card and Vase is a unique gift idea that combines both a vase and a card into one convenient package that can be sold when someone purchase a bunch of flowers. This

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Google+ For Small Businesses

With all the different social media networks out there what makes Google+ different and how does it benefit small businesses. Unlike other social media networks Google + is the best social network to improve your SEO, of coarse this makes

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