Benefits of Using Pinterest for Business

Pnterest for businessI have been exploring the benefit of using social media services for business promotion for quite some time. Pinterest is one of the newcomers, but is proving to have an impressive amount of influence over the web browsing and shopping behaviors of its members. There are millions of people signing into their accounts daily to pin and re-pin images that they find interesting. Many will click links attached to those images. Some will make purchases.

There are benefits of using Pinterest for businesses, but you will have to work for maximum results just as with any other social media platform. Start by setting up an account under your business name and creating boards with niche-related titles.

Place interesting images on your blog and website that someone may want to pin to their board. Pin these images to your own boards with links back to relevant pages of your website and blog. Remember to put the “Pin It” button on all website and blog pages that include images so your visitors can help you drive traffic from Pinterest to those pages.

Do not limit yourself to images of your own products. Get creative and pin quotes, artistic images, and anything else related to your niche.

Maximizing Benefits of Pinterest for Businesses

To get the most out of Pinterest, you have to do more than post interesting pins. Stay active on the site so others will follow you. I am a firm believer in building your reputation as an expert in your niche to maximize online exposure. As others familiarize themselves with your business name they will feel more comfortable clicking the links on those images and enjoying your website content and blog posts. They will also feel more comfortable buying your products.

If your goal is to drive traffic with Pinterest, you have to do all of the following:

    • Ensure every image pinned is related to your niche and attractive to your target audience.


    • Find other pins related to your niche and comment on them or “like” them. This will encourage others to click your pins in return.


    • Make sure the pages you are linking to are high quality. Fill them with interesting, valuable content that is inviting and easy to read. You can drive traffic with Pinterest, but your website must keep them on your website and convince them to make a purchase.



Whether you are trying to drive traffic to a blog, website, or your Etsy account, active pinning and re-pinning will help build your reputation and establish trust within your target market.To enjoy the benefits of using Pinterest for business, get an invitation and set up your account today.

Richard Patriquin

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