Compare Quotes Animated Video

Compare Quotes Animated Video

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Compare Quotes is a rising star in the comparison website industry, offering customers across Australia with a new way to reach out to customers. By offering a streamlined online service that allows customers to find quotes for all kinds of contracted work, Compare Quotes offers a brand new way for customers to get the services they need, and businesses to advertise more effectively.

Since 2007, the website has been improving its service, and now offers a team of helpful experts and a huge network of contractors from across the country.

Compare Quotes Animated Video

Compare Quotes quite rightly recognises that advertising is no longer as simple as it used to be, and in order to become better known themselves, they hired Bell Media to create an effective online campaign. The most important part of this campaign was a video that reaches out to contractors, showing them how they can succeed by using their new, effective form of marketing.

The video features a contractor that appears dismayed at the difficulty associated with modern customer outreach. Viewers can learn about how radio and newspaper advertisements are no longer quite as effective, and the difficulties that are associated with SEO marketing. Whilst social media and SEO can be a great way to reach out to customers, they are often hard to manage.

From here, the Compare Quotes strategy is introduced. The video explains that contractors need something that is quick, affordable and something that will deliver results. It further explains that contractors’ prices are documented on their website, and with customers searching for local services, it can find brand new customers in their area. This is effectively demonstrated through visual aids, including character and animations, as well as a clear, well-spoken voice over that delivers a concise but effective message.

Whiteboard Video

The use of a whiteboard, hand and pen in this video, known as video scribing, is really key. Generally, viewers will expect to understand the message of a video is less than one minute – and with a whiteboard, this is really easy to do. Studies show time and time again that whiteboard animations are more successful than other video campaigns, largely because they communicate ideas and information through the use of vocals and visuals.

Bell Media uses this strategy s it gives viewers double the amount of information in half the amount of time. The drawing on screen also keeps a viewer engaged, which is necessary for people to reach the very end and understand objectives of the company being advertised.

About Compare Quotes

Compare Quotes offers no setup fees, offers replies to customer enquiries, email and SMS notifications for leads, and provides a no-hassle online system for both customers and contractors alike. It aims to become Australia’s preferred service resource centre, providing exceptional service. In order for this to become true, and for the company to continue providing customers all over the country with an outstanding new way to reach out to customers, then it must reach out to customers of its own.

The Bell Media video provides an effective way to do this, driving interest, new users and ultimately aiding the creation of an even larger network of national contractors.

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