Gunnedah Taxis Mobile Site Of The Month

Gunnedah Taxis Mobile Site Of The Month

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 3.56.11 PMBell Media would like to introduce Gunnedah Taxis mobile site. This mobile website was designed to secure mobile traffic and give their customers a user-friendly experience. With no way for customers calling them from the web they relied on traditional advertising to get their number out there. This meant customers had to memorise the Gunnedah Taxis phone number or program it into their phone.

Now with a mobile dedicated website Gunnedah Taxis can use search engines like google and bing to list their website. So, when a customer types a keyword like “gunnedah taxis” into Google using their smartphone, the list should show up and redirected the customer to the gunnedah taxis mobile site.

Who is Gunnedah Taxis

Gunnedah Taxis is a friendly reliable taxis service catering to the people of Gunnedah NSW. All their cars are equipped with air conditioning and baby seats. They provide services like.

  • Taxis, Maxis
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • 3 vans, 2 wagons
  • 24 hour booking
  • Friendly local service

So if your are in Gunnedah and need a lift call 02 6742 2299. Gunnedah’s local taxis service.

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