Explainer Video For Crown Relocation

Explainer Video For Crown Relocation

Home Page Explainer Video for Crown Relocation

Crown Relocation chose Bell Media for an explainer video as an online outreach purposes, as it required a better way to explain their services. Thanks to the home page video, customers can now learn everything they need to know about Crown Relocation in just over one minute.

This is not only efficient with regards to public outreach, but also great for reinforcing a positive image for the company. Readers can see that Crown Relocation are dedicated to simplicity, as well as an effective service.

Animated Web Video

The animated web video from Bell Media is simple, but really does pack a punch. It features the character Jack, who is there to portray a regular customer. Sat at his computer, Jack is looking for a new home and wondering how he can find estimates, arrange home visits and see what’s available locally and globally. The narrator introduces Jack to Crown Relocation, which markets itself as a ‘Glocal’ business, suggesting that it can deal with both local and global transactions and interests effectively.

Jack is then introduced to another character, a trained operator from Crown Relocation who is ready to help, provide obligation free quotes, and answer any questions over the phone. The animation shows a cheery and easy conversation between the two characters, subtly suggesting to viewers that Crown Relocation is, rightly, committed to a personal and professional service.

The narrator explains that with so many options to choose from online, it’s essential that Jack, and all other home hunters online need a leader in the relocations business. The interaction between the characters remains the primary focus of this video, and it really does work, showing that something as simple as an animation can engage and inform at the same time.

Whiteboard Video

As with most Bell Media videos, the Crown Relocation video focuses on video scribing, too. This is the use of a hand, a pen, and a ‘whiteboard’ on screen, where information is written directly onto the screen. Users can listen to the narrator, and have extra information displayed to them in the form of constantly updating text.

Points can also be reinforced, much like a Powerpoint presentation, to ensure that viewers get as much information out of the minute-long experience as possible. Through video scribing, the narrator explains that Crown Relocation can offer quotes online, and the hand even draws the form that users can expect to use on the website. The first form shown takes just minutes to find quotes, and the second form shows the full quote system that allows users to get a more detailed analysis of a potential property purchase. The home visit system is also explained quickly and effectively.

Crown Relocation

Crown Relocation is a truly glocal business, providing users in New Zealand with everything they need to buy a new home online. Customers can speak to friendly operators or use the online system to get full quotes, assistance with budgeting, and view houses from the local area, and the country as a whole. The firm’s philosophy is to provide a friendly, positive and effective service for home buyers, and to provide as much information as possible.

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