Benefits Of Using Video On Your Website

Benefits Of Using Video On Your Website

Not long ago, simply having moving graphics, a catchy headline or titles flashing in and out were enough to grab the attention of your website visitors. In today’s world, it takes a lot more to catch the attention of internet browsers. Video not only grab viewers’ attention on your site, it keeps it there longer and keeps viewers coming back for more. Videos on your website, combined with graphics and content, provide an interactive, dynamic experience to site visitors and increase traffic overall.

Adding a website video will bring about many benefits. One of the main reasons to add video is to increase search engine optimization (SEO). Not long ago, Google began separating their search functions into images, web, search, video and so on. Yahoo has a similar set up. Having video on your website will increase the probability that your site will end up higher on the list during web searches and increase traffic to your site. Video went from being an option to almost being a necessity if you are trying to increase traffic and attract viewers.

Video also serves as a way to keep viewers interested once they land on your page. Most viewers are much more likely to watch a 5 minute video than read an article of 1,000 words or so. Much more is accomplished with video in a much shorter time span. Some will argue that video takes too long to load, distracting visitors and causing them to become frustrated with slow buffers. Having written content that correlates with the video will settle this argument and appeal to all types of site visitors. Recently, new online tools allow you to add links to your videos, making them interactive with the viewer. If you’re selling a product, viewers can click and buy directly from the video itself. If you’re a blog writer looking for more followers, embedding a follow or like button into your video can help attract more fans.

The popularity of YouTube cannot go unmentioned when it comes to discussing the benefits of adding video to your site. By uploading video to You Tube and sites similar to it, you place your brand in front of millions, attracting more viewers and increasing your SEO. Add links that direct viewers back to your website within the video and your traffic will immediately increase without the need to do much else. To ensure success when uploading videos to video sharing sights, it’s also important to ensure that the video is optimized with accurate descriptions and tags to match. This will increase the amount of times the videos comes up in a search both on the sharing site and web searches in general.

After deciding which video sharing sites you’ll be uploading your video too, it’s important to create video that is concise, to the point and effectively delivers the message you’re trying to get across. The video does not have to be professional quality but it should show that it was made with attention and dedication to represent your site, business and brand.

Long ago, it may have been sufficient to have a flashy intro video on your site and keep the rest simple. Today, if you are looking to increase site visits and keep visitors coming back for more, it’s important to make video one of the focal points of your site and share it correctly online.

For more information or to see some examples of how Bell Media uses video to covey their message. For more generic we video check out a video spokesperson and add one to your small business website.

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