Driving School Website Design

Driving School Website Design

Apex Driving SchoolCase Study: Driving School Website

Apex Driving School was founded in 1985 and has gone on to become one of Perth’s largest driving schools. With a staff of forty five male and female instructors, skilled in both manual and automatic, Apex Driving School has established itself as one of the most effective methods for learning how to drive. They are proud of their ninety five percent success rate, which includes thousands of drivers both young and old.

Client’s Objective

Desiring a stronger web presence, Apex Driving School was interested in expanding their website from simply being a glorified map and scheduling station. They knew they needed something that would convince interested younger driving students that they were the driving school in Perth to go to, as well as something that would possibly interest older students that needed to retake the test.

The Solution

In order to interest younger students, Bell Media restructured the site to not only include the previously mentioned map and scheduling system, but games as well. By including something as simple as a driving game on the website, Bell Media was able to dramatically increase traffic to the website and keep it in the minds of younger children for when their time to hire an instructor came. In keeping with the name Apex Driving School, the site was redesigned to emphasize the visceral sounding “Apex” by including a lot of the evocative color red.

As has come to be expected of Bell Media and their work with small business websites, visitors to the Apex Driving School website are now greeted by a friendly woman directing them to various portions of the site. This not only makes the site feel warm and friendly, two important concerns when picking someone to instruct you in operating a vehicle, it also helps to guide older visitors who might not be as inclined to explore websites.

The biggest selling points of Apex Driving School, usually reserved for small blurbs of text, were redesigned by Bell Media to accompany images on the home page. By minimizing the amount of text on the screen, while still effectively conveying the same amount of information, Bell Media has managed to turn exploring the website into less of a chore and, instead, something more visually engaging.


Apex Driving School has enjoyed great success since contacting Bell Media to redesign their website. In fact, Apex Driving School was so grateful for the site redesign, and its effect on their customers, that they specifically called out Bell Media in their blog to thank them: “Thanks to the guys at Bell Media for our fantastic new website.

Richard Patriquin

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