Getting the Message Across

Bell Media was approach by Suncorp with the task of getting a message across their 14,000 employees. Here is what they had to say

““We had a vision, Bell Media helped us realise it.   Our Learning Design team had the task of developing an engaging online module to launch the release of a new payroll system to over 14,000 employees.  Payroll systems in themselves aren’t that engaging, so we used the use of a video presenter from Bell Media to launch the release and educate the business.  Feedback when we launched the module was outstanding from the business, the leadership board recommended that all of our major projects adopt a similar approach, the project sponsor said it was fantastic and worked, and for people that watched the presentation, they went back and watched it again.  Richard, the video presenter and the Bell Media team were easy to work with and were able to get the final footage to us quickly and efficiently.” H Dickinson, Instructional Designer, Suncorp

Richard Patriquin

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