Apex Driving School Animated Explainer Video

Apex Driving School Animated Explainer Video

Apex Driving School Animated Explainer Video

Apex Driving School was developed in 1985 and is now one of Perth’s largest driving schools. Apex Driving has constantly been on the fore-front of online marketing and was looking for new and exiting way to engage their website visitors. Bell Media suggested they produce an Animated Explainer Video.

Since the launch of their new Animated Explainer Video they have seen a great response by using the video in conjunction with their social media marketing.

So if you want to expand your reach and engage more customers an Whiteboard Animation is just the answer. Call Bell Media today.

Scene 1

A TEENAGE BOY walks down a street. A car DRIVES by and SOUNDS of fun come from the vehicle–other teenagers having fun.

“You. Yes, you. You want to drive, right?”

Teenage boy nods.

First, you’ll need a car.”

A car appears.

“And keys.”

Keys appear in teenage boy’s hand. He goes towards the car.

“And a license.”

Car and keys disappear. POOF.

“And to get a license you need to learn how to drive. You could come to Apex Driving School or you could learn from your parents.”

Teenage boy is now driving with his FATHER in passenger seat. Father is looking angry and irate.

Teenage boy is now driving with his MOTHER in passenger seat. Mother is looking scared and nervous hold on to handle above the door.

“Is that what you want?”

Teenage boy is now standing back where we first saw him. Teenage boy shakes his head “no.”

“Of course not! You want to learn how to drive at Perth’s largest driving school: Apex. Apex Driving School has a 95% passing rate and their 25 years of experience makes sure this doesn’t happen to you…”

Scene 2

Teenage boy approaches TEENAGE GIRL in school hallway.

“I take my driving test today. Want to go for a ride later?”


Teenage boy is now driving with DRIVING EXAMINER in passenger seat. Teenage boy looks as though he is not paying attention. Driving instructor looks angry.

“Who taught you to drive so badly?”

“My Parents”

“FAIL” is stamped on the screen. Teenage boy is walking home and Teenage Girl rides by in car with TEENAGE BOY 2 and waves.

“I need to go to Apex”

Scene 3

Teenage boy is in his room on his computer visiting the Apex website.

“First search for an instructor. Apex has 45 male and female, highly- qualified instructors and offer a seven-day a week service in all suburbs”

“Then book online and setup an appointment for an hour in one of our air-conditioned manual or automatic dual-controlled cars”

Teenage Boy gets his license and drives away with teenage girl.

“At Apex we’ll get you driving the right way, right away. Call or book online today

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