Why All Business Websites Should Use Click to Call

Why All Business Websites Should Use Click to Call
Click to Call for Business
Bell Media Click to call
Click to Call for Business

When you’re developing your online business website a frequent dilemma is whether to use a 1300 telephone number or Bell Media Click to Call. You will discover stark differences between both alternatives. Deciding between the two often comes down to analyzing the advantages and drawbacks for each and selecting the best option for your organization.

Click to Call is a robust application for your business website that is quick and easy for customers to use. It makes it possible for customers to place a free phone call to your business and consult with a live agent at the click of a button. Having the button on your website also ensures that potential customers won’t misplace your phone number.

As a proactive approach, the Click to Call button provides lead generation through motivating the customer to call. Through making the call, the customer can get the answers they require instantly, which leads to substantial levels of customer satisfaction. On that basis, callers are more inclined to respond to the Click to Call button as opposed to a web-based form.

Without any monthly fees or contracts, Click to Call is an affordable option for every business. Instead of monthly fees, businesses buy untimed credits that are valid for 12 months. Since these credits are untimed, you are able to communicate for as long as you need to, in order to effectively respond to the customer’s inquiries. Each call costs the same quantity of credits regardless of how long you talk.

Effortless to install and configure, the system also incorporates a user-friendly control panel. Through the control panel you can easily pinpoint which Web pages are generating telephone calls from customers. This highly effective resource provides you with the information you need to perfect your other pages to ensure that they can also yield customer calls.

As an additional feature, Click to Call also provides you with an opportunity to choose from numerous web presenters to place on your website. These web presenters educate your customers on how to operate the Click To Call system. It’s just like having a live representative for your business on your website inviting customers to call.

Alternatively, 1300 numbers, also referred to as local call numbers, require the customer to recollect yet another telephone number. The privilege of having these types of telephone numbers has a tendency to accumulate fees for both the business and the customers. In combination with monthly fees, businesses pay $0.15 per call.  Customers pay standard fees when dialing from landlines. However, these calls are much more costly to the customer when made from mobile phones.

For customer satisfaction, lead generation, and a cost-effective platform, every business should choose Click to Call for their websites. It’s not only free to the customer, but it’s also effortless and straightforward to use. No contracts or monthly fees ensure that you can save your valuable capital for other projects.

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