Ecommerce Website Design – Card and Vase

Ecommerce Website Design – Card and Vase

Bell Media Website design

Case Study: Card and Vase – Ecommerce Website

Card and Vase is a unique gift idea that combines both a vase and a card into one convenient package that can be sold when someone purchase a bunch of flowers. This is the brain child of entrepreneur Lauren Jeffery, who has secured the patent and brought the fantastic idea to life.

Client Objective

Card and Vase needed a well design website that was artistic enough to show case their unique product but also be a functional ecommerce website. The website also need to facilitated both retail customers and wholesale customers. This needed to be done through an inbuilt shopping cart that was integrated with a secure payment gateway.

The Solution

Bell Media utilized the Card and Vase logo as the focal point and built the website around this, highlighting how the product worked and showcased all of product range beautifully. All photos and graphics were created by Rara Designs which worked seamlessly with Bell Media’s custom website design.

Bell Media successfully designed this fully functioning ecommerce website that was both stylish and got the job done.


After the successful launch of the Card and Vase website, the product was stocked in 50 stores within one month after the launch. Bell Media looks forward to ongoing success of this small business website.

“The website looks amazing, I cant thank you enough for the help and creative work. Bell Media exceeded all my expectations” – Lauren Jeffery


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