Carpet Cleaning Website Design

Carpet Cleaning Website Design

Carpet Cleaning WebsiteCase Study: Carpet Cleaning Website


As their mission statement describes, Adam’s Carpet Cleaning’s mission is to “consistently provide the highest quality cleaning and restoration in a timely fashion through uncompromising honesty, integrity, attention to detail, and clear, open communication with [their] customers.” While just a small business, their carpet cleaning service has provided them with phenomenal reviews from their clients and they have acquired quite a following from repeat customers. Attracting new ones though, who had never heard of their business before, proved to be a challenging endeavor.


Client’s Objective


Adam’s Carpet Cleaning was in desperate need of an entire website overhaul. Their brand didn’t provide consumers with the image of a professional company and this directly affected their sales. In addition, a company dedicated to stain removal and other carpet cleaning services should be visual in nature. Visitors to the site needed to see proof of Adam’s Carpet Cleaning quality in an interesting and varied way. A generic picture gallery was too simplistic and not energetic enough to entice people to pick up the phone and call.


The Solution


Bell Media acted quickly to overcome the original website’s hurdles by incorporating not just standard imagery into its design, but live video as well. Custom tailored to fit Adam’s Carpet Cleaning services, the video sympathizes with those in need of stain removal while also instructing them on how to properly take advantage of the site. This level of professionalism helps to offset the website’s otherwise simplistic brand. Instead of sounding like it was operated by one man out of his house, Adam’s Carpet Cleaning now has an internet presence they can be proud of.


Bell Media also went to great lengths to improve the way visual information was delivered to visitors. They achieved this by adding transformation effects to the scrolling picture gallery visitors are treated to upon entering the home page. Instead of manually clicking through pictures, the home page testifies to the quality of Adam’s Carpet Cleaning services by cycling through each picture with a style that keeps visitors engaged.




The changes have not gone unnoticed by the public since Bell Media took over the design of Adam’s Carpet Cleaning website. Since its inception, this small business website has generated a large boom in consumers for Adam’s Carpet Cleaning services. In fact, business has gone up so much that Adam’s Carpet Cleaning has even begun to provide promotional gifts for their services for those that contract their services via their website. By letting potential customers get a free quote directly from their site, without having to call or contact Adam’s Carpet Cleaning staff, they’ve been able to keep their phone lines clear for actual customers. The number of which, no doubt, has gone up dramatically as they’ve easily observed how cheap Adam’s Carpet Cleaning quotes are through the new and improved website.

Richard Patriquin

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