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Finance Website Design

Finance Website Design

Case Study: Finance Website


Wealth Planning Group is a corporate representative of an Australian Financial Services License Holder. Their specialty lies in index trading, which is the trading of share markets at a reduced risk to the consumer. Due to the manner in which they trade, Wealth Planning Group is able to generate profits from both rising and falling stock prices, as well as protect its customers from dangerous outlier events that negatively affect the price of shares, such as the global economic crisis.


Their quick reaction to constantly updated news has also made their customers a considerable amount of profit. As they don’t deal in large time frames for their transactions, they are able to efficiently trade in response to any events that may affect their purchases, greatly increasing the revenue of their clients as well. They were looking for a business website design.


Client’s Objective


Wealth Planning Group’s original website was dry and bland, to say the least. They needed something that would visually stimulate their audience and drive traffic to their website. They lacked imagery to accompany their text and weren’t directly engaged enough with their audience. Wealth Planning Group couldn’t expect clients to trust them with their finances when they had such a disappointingly unprofessional website to their name. They needed to answer the question – What is index trading


The Solution


Bell Media’s first move was to immediately enhance the front page that greets Wealth Planning Group’s visitors by including images. The lively images of people relaxing in their home or on the beach not only contrasts the plain white background, but also invokes feelings of wealth in the viewer. As Wealth Planning Group requires its customers to trust their money with them, it’s important to have positive visual reminders of what their business can bring.


In addition, Bell Media added a function to the front page that allows visitors to immediately contact Wealth Planning Group for information, as well ask any questions that may concern them. This direct type of feedback makes the site feel more interactive and creates a relaxed atmosphere for Wealth Planning Group to entice potential customers. Finally, Bell Media added a scrolling marquee to the site that gives all relevant information for index trading. This ensures that visitors don’t need to check multiple sites to get their important financial news.




The changes that Bell Media made to their website have turned Wealth Planning Group into a tremendous success. Not only does their site keep viewers engaged in something normally as dry as finances, Wealth Planning Group has been able to cultivate additional offerings to their site that were previously unavailable, such as a page devoted to Frequently Asked Questions. Thanks to Bell Media’s inclusion of a message box that goes directly to the company, Wealth Planning Group is able to just as quickly and efficiently communicate with potential customers as they are when buying and selling shares.

Richard Patriquin

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